Finding My Voice – The Music Journey of Shyam Raj G

If you wish you could hear more old-school rock sounds from a new band, look no further than Eleven 11, a cross genre band that captures the spirit of the 70′s and the progressive aggression of the 90′s. We don’t get much of such old-soul original materials these days so its always a pleasant experience to come across a band like Eleven 11 once in a blue moon.

What’s surprising to know is the fact that their first EP was engineered in The Music Lab Orlando Florida and mastered by Dave Donnelly who was also the eyes and ears for bands like Kiss, Journey and Aero Smith.

Shyam Raj G is the man behind this music project, a concept inspired rock band whose music combines influences from the 90s with odd time riffs and dynamic transitions.

Looking like a music old-timer with the all-too familiar t-shirt & denim jeans combo and casual look, his appearance and demeanour may fool you into thinking that it adds up to the regular musician everyone knows about. But it was never a smooth ride from the start and the burning passion to share his music prevailed over obstacles that stood before him.

Based in Rosendale, New York previously, this Singapore-bred musician has come a long way from his past heydays as a street performer to being a familiar name in the Orlando music circuit in the United States.

Musicife had the privilege of getting him to speak in his own words and to talk about his music journey:

The starting point of music in my life

My journey through music had never been an easy one from the start. I was not a gifted musician who could sing pitch-perfect or even keep a steady rhythm in my band. I wasn’t a child prodigy either but what kept me going was the fact that I could not live without music. Formal training in music was never in the books and the musician I am is all about what feels right.

As a kid, I had always been fascinated with music instruments and the power of good music. Like many, Micheal Jackson was my first music hero. I remember buying the ‘Bad’ cassette tape and watching his concert in Singapore. Even though he was one of the best performers,  I wasn’t convinced that I would give music a shot at that time. Before music, I wanted to be a soccer star and spent numerous hours playing under housing flat blocks and at basketball courts, hoping to be the next Singapore soccer star. It was only when i picked up the guitar at 16 years old, learnt to play the song ‘La bamba’ and plugged into Nirvana songs that proved to be the tipping point. The soccer dream was replaced with music and the Kurt Cobain fever had begun.

As a budding musician who learnt the guitar from the people I met in my usual hangouts and within my circle of friends, I was exposed to a wide variety of genres ranging from metal and rock all the way to pop and grunge. I grew up learning under the hard-knocks of laughter and jeers as I was not the most talented of the bunch and I would often ‘massacre’ hit songs because of my musical flaws. Despite these discouraging experiences, my passion never died.

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